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Blue Unnatural

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Blue Unnatural

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Sep 26, 2020, 1:00 PM PDT

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A world where personal freedom is persecuted, where propaganda communication feeds on the oxymoron of armed peace and private workers work on the assembly line to build female robots that will destroy anyone who opposes

Director Biography - Marco Bolognesi

Marco Bolognesi was born in 1974 in Bologna. An artist and director of experimental films, he divides his time between London and Bologna.

In 2003, Bolognesi was awarded the ‘Artist in Residence Award’ at the Italian Culture Institute of London. It was here that he exhibited his work Woodland, created in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, and subsequently wrote a monograph dedicated to the project.

In 2008, in honour of the film of the same name, Marco Bolognesi published his book Dark Star, which generated much appreciation for the film’s director, John Carpenter. In the same year, one of Bolognesi’s works was bought and exhibited by the Farnesina collection (part of The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), for an exhibition entitled Experimenta. Curated by Maurizio Calvesi, Lorenzo Canova, Marco Meneguzzo and Marisa Vescovo, the show was a collection of works by young artists who represented modern trends in contemporary Italian art. Also in 2008, Bolognesi released his short film Black Hole, looking at the theme of cross-breeding cyborgs - the film won the Indie Short Competition prize in Florida and also got a special mention at Rome Film Fest and Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

However, the world of festivals wasn’t new to Bolognesi, as by 1996 he had already presented his animated shorts collection, Justice and Truth, in the non-competition category of Giffoni Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. Following on from this, in 1998, his works were exhibited at the much-respected Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome. Bolognesi exhibited once again Justice and Truth and another collection of animated shorts, The Party of Silence - both sets of films were introduced by the legendary, Ennio Morricone.

In 2009, Bolognesi released Protocollo, a graphic ‘cyberpunk’ novel published by Eindaudi, the result of a collaboration with the writer Carlo Lucarelli. In 2012, Bolognesi was invited to the European Photography Festival, where he presented Humanescape, created in collaboration with Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic and curated by Walter Guadagnini. Following on from this he was invited for four consecutive years to participate in the Biennale China - Italy of Contemporary Art and in his last year of attendance he presented a selection of shorts.

In 2014 the exhibition Sendai City. To the end of the future opened. The show was a retrospective of Bolognesi’s previous ten years’ work and it led to increased awareness about the artist. Bolognesi’s work was consequentially presented all across Italy - from the Kunst Meran Merano Arte at the Palace of Art in Napoli (PAN) all the way to Bologna, where he collaborated with Robot Festival, the Cineteca, the cultural group ABC and the contemporary art fair Setup.

In 2015 Bolognesi took part in the Biennale for contemporary art Fin del Mundo in South America. In 2017, he undertook various opportunities with museums in Brazil and he opened the International Biennale of Curitiba with his show Sendai City. the Truth. These works became part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Oscar Niemeyer and this South American journey lasted until 2019, when he created a performance piece for the museum Macro of Rome, entitled Corpi Estranei.

  • Marco Bolognesi DirectorBlack Hole
  • Marco Bolognesi WriterBalck Hole
  • Valentina Ferretti Writer
  • Marco Bolognesi ProducerBalck Hole
  • Valentina Ferretti Producer
  • Cerere Minigutti Producer

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Oct 25, 2017 at 9:00pm - 10:30pm PDT

New People, 1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA

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Ted Geoghegan 2017, USA, 91 mins

The War of 1812 has revived violent hostilities between the British and their erstwhile American colonial subjects. The powerful Mohawk nation of the New York region is divided as to whom they should stand by, and so they maintain a position of neutrality. They want no part in the killing – but the killing is coming to them. An impulsive attack on an American encampment has drawn the vengeful attentions of a ragged band of American military renegades, led by the vicious, racist Hezekiah Holt. Oak, Calvin, and their British lover Joshua flee into the woods so familiar to them, but the murderous musketeers on their trail will not be deterred. Not without the spilling of blood.