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Directed by Caroline Farrell (2018- 8 minutes) Horror Appears in short film collection - ASSORTED FLAVORS 3
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Sep 27, 2020, 11:00 AM PDT

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Artist Joe’s fantasy is to paint his beautiful muse into one of his gothic paintings. His wish is about to be granted... though not in the way he could ever have imagined...

Director Biography - Caroline Farrell

Caroline Farrell is the writer and co-producer of the short films, IN RIBBONS (2015) and ADAM (2013). FRAMED (2018) is her directorial debut. An Indie creative, getting on with the work and not waiting for permission (or funding!), Caroline writes, directs, produces and keeps on learning and improving through collaboration with like-minded creatives who know more than she does!

Director Statement

FRAMED is influenced by the gothic chillers I loved to much as a kid. Also, the nostalgia for TV programmes such as ‘The Twilight Zone’, 'Tales of the Unexpected' and 'Tales from the Crypt'. I started writing the script with an image of an artist who couldn't paint anymore, a tormented soul, confined to a mental institution, trying over and over to conjure the face of a woman.

The palette is dominated by shades of 'scarlet', a motif for love, lust, rage and death, all these themes layered into the script. Another reason for my choice of the scarlet motif is to ignite the power of suggested violence, to leave the gorier details to the viewer’s imagination, but to ensure no doubt that something truly nasty is about to happen!

Beginning with his use of red paint, Joe’s frustrated, failed attempts to conjure the face of a woman are scattered all around him, and on his bed, there is a polaroid image of a very frightened woman, again, splattered with red paint -- or is that blood? I continued the scarlet imagery into the story through a transition from an artist's brush tainting water with the red paint --to wine pouring into a glass -- and there she is, the beautiful woman in the polaroid image, ravishing in red!

FRAMED is also my ode to the 'Haunted House' and what might be lurking below stairs. In this case, Demon XX, silent in the shadows, waiting on the periphery, a tormented soul with a story of his own, and an embittered lustful rage that has just been reawakened by the presence of this artist and his affinity with darkness – be careful what you wish for! The film is shot entirely in a rambling period house with a history all of its own — but that’s another story!

Although I have written and produced two other short films, this is my directorial debut, and my first attempt at writing and producing a short horror film. If you can't find magic, make some!

‘A very unsettling atmospheric short.’ Elevation Indie Film Awards.

‘Beautifully shot and very, very creepy.’ 13HORROR.COM

Short Bio: Caroline Farrell is an Indie creative, getting on with the work and not waiting for permission (or funding!). She writes, directs, produces and keeps on learning and improving through collaboration with like-minded creatives who know more than she does!

  • Caroline Farrell Director
  • Caroline Farrell Writer
  • Ninnyhammer Productions Producer
  • Patrick Murphy Key Cast“Joe ”
  • Sinead O'Riordan Key Cast“Cathy”
  • Joe McKinney Key Cast“Patient XX”
  • Noel Brady - Cinematography | Editing Key Crew
  • Damian Draven - Production Design Key Crew
  • Simon Murphy - Production Sound Mix Key Crew
  • Edwina Kelly - Makeup and SFX Artist Key Crew
  • Brandon Reed - Music Composer Key Crew

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Oct 25, 2017 at 9:00pm - 10:30pm PDT

New People, 1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA

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