Sun, Dec 15 | 5:00 PM

GET GONE (2019)

Things go quickly awry when Hoax Busters, an internet 'fake video' team, take a weekend retreat in Whiskey Flats, OR
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GET GONE (2019)

Time & Location

Dec 15, 2019, 5:00 PM
5:00 PM, 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

About The Event


 2019 - USA - 91 minutes

Horror; Suspense/Thriller

Written and Directed by Michael Thomas Daniel

Produced by Michael Thomas Daniel, Joseph Shelley, Chris Oneliner, and DJ Dodd

Hoax Busters, an internet 'fake video' team, take a weekend retreat to do some team building, after busting another online lie. They travel to Whiskey Flats, OR and meet with Craig Eubanks, a shifty, bossy, know-it-all outdoor guide who promises them that his company, "Rocks and Roots," will build their team confidence. At the same time, an invasive drilling company--with rights handed over by the Federal government--are moving onto the land of a family that has lived on the property illegally for over 30 years. When the drillers attack the family and the Hoax-busters get caught in the middle, things quickly go awry.


Lin Shaye  Mama 

Weston Cage Coppola (as Weston Cage)  Patton Maxwell 

Bradley Stryker  Grant 

Robert Miano  Don Maxwell

Caitlin Stryker  Connie 

Rico E. Anderson  Ranger Rico 

Silvia Spross  Silvia Surveyor 

Emily Shenaut  Abbey Rose 

Adam Bitterman  Craig Eubanks 

Bailey Coppola  Apple Maxwell

Michael McBee  Roughneck 

John Henry Whitaker  Foreman 

Cory Crouser  Kyle Hamm 

Luke B. Carlson  Scott Whizzer 

Gwyn LaRee  Carol / Operator 

Stefan Hayek (as Stefan Hajek)  Grady Greer

Tristan David Luciotti  Tommy Bont 

Cord Adams  Hank The Bus Driver 

Joel Macha  Pug 

Brittany Benita  Rene 


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Time & Location

Oct 25, 2017 at 9:00pm - 10:30pm PDT

New People, 1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA

About The Event

Ted Geoghegan 2017, USA, 91 mins

The War of 1812 has revived violent hostilities between the British and their erstwhile American colonial subjects. The powerful Mohawk nation of the New York region is divided as to whom they should stand by, and so they maintain a position of neutrality. They want no part in the killing – but the killing is coming to them. An impulsive attack on an American encampment has drawn the vengeful attentions of a ragged band of American military renegades, led by the vicious, racist Hezekiah Holt. Oak, Calvin, and their British lover Joshua flee into the woods so familiar to them, but the murderous musketeers on their trail will not be deterred. Not without the spilling of blood.