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One Last Monster

Directed by Gene Kim (2019- 20 minutes) Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Short, Asian, Animated, Animation Appears in short film collection - STRANGERS WITH EYE CANDY
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One Last Monster

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Sep 26, 2020, 9:00 AM PDT
United States

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Empress Eura, ruler of the distant world of Adin, faces her greatest challenge when she is forced to face her prejudices and choose between trusting or killing a monster who arrives on Adin with a warning that could save or destroy her people.

Director Biography - Gene Kim

Gene Kim (31) is a Korean-American writer, animator, storyboard artist & filmmaker. He previously interned at Pixar Animation Studios and worked at Disney's Blue Sky Studios on the Ice Age and Rio movies as a production artist. One Last Monster is his latest independently created short.

Director Statement

I've always wanted to create an action/adventure/fantasy inspired by all the movies, novels and animated content I've loved since childhood. I also wanted to explore themes of prejudice, hypocrisy and staying in one's comfort zone - all of which are issues that have come to concern and fascinate me as an adult. Making this film was an opportunity to fulfill these 2 artistic goals of mine and it's a privilidge to finally share it with you.

  • Gene Kim Director
  • Gene Kim Writer
  • Gene Kim Producer
  • Michael S. Kim Producer
  • Elmer Barcenes Producer
  • Martha Harms Key Cast“Empress Eura”
  • Mike Meth Key Cast“Didas”
  • David Thomas Tao Key Cast“Emperor Taejo”
  • Gene Kim Key Cast“Prime Minister Oolong”
  • Darrian P. Mack Key Cast“Head Scholar”
  • Annabelle Kung Key Cast“Captain Bana Kang”
  • Yusuke Muramatsu Key Cast“Adinian Commander”
  • Lulu Chen Composers
  • Cai-Jhen Jhu Composers
  • Jeremy Siegel Sound Design & Editing
  • David Zung Story Advisor
  • Eileen Kim Concept & Color Key Artists
  • Jenna Bae Concept & Color Key Artists
  • Jae Bae Senior 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Jenna Bae Senior 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Elmer Barcenes Senior 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Jae Bae Senior 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Jenna Bae Senior 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Elmer Barcenes Senior 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Alex Barsky 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Ash Kim Choi 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Janay Charles 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Corlette Douglas 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Ethan Menegakis 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Karis Seungyoun Oh 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • David Oswald 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Gene Kim 2D Lighting/Layout/Cleanup Artists
  • Ja-Ann Wang ADR Recordist
  • Gene Kim Director of Photography
  • Eric Kurosu Story Feedback & Notes
  • Jae Ham Story Feedback & Notes
  • Darrian P. Mack Story Feedback & Notes
  • Elmer Barcenes Story Feedback & Notes
  • Darrian P. Mack Additional Voices
  • Elmer Barcenes Additional Voices
  • Daniel S. Reid Additional Voices
  • Thomas McSpadden Additional Voices
  • Nafisa Rabia Additional Voices
  • Annabelle Kung Additional Voices
  • Yusuke Muramatsu Additional Voices
  • Tracy Muramatsu Additional Voices
  • Jeremy Siegel Additional Voices
  • Gene Kim Additional Voices
  • Man Wai Che Additional Soundtrack Musicians
  • Richard Chen Additional Soundtrack Musicians
  • Jeremy Gray Additional Soundtrack Musicians
  • Elmer Barcenes Additional Soundtrack Musicians
  • Juan Felipe Mejia Tobon Additional Soundtrack Musicians
  • Gene Kim Additional Soundtrack Musicians
  • Elmer Barcenes Casting & Title Design
  • Gene Kim Casting & Title Design

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Time & Location

Oct 25, 2017 at 9:00pm - 10:30pm PDT

New People, 1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA

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