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The Hill and The Hole

(USA - 2019 - 81 minutes) Sci-fi, Horror, Dark Comedy Directed by William Darmon & Christopher Ernst
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The Hill and The Hole

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Sep 29, 2020, 7:00 PM PDT
United States

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The Hill and the Hole movie trailer

Working one last job for the Bureau of Land Management, archaeologist TOM DIGBY finds a strange mound on an old ranch in a remote corner of the American southwest. Trouble is, Tom cannot stop digging into the mound's history- uncovering a bizarre secret protected by the locals - that might cost him his life. Or something worse.

THE HILL AND THE HOLE is dramatically expanded from a ‘weird fiction’ short story by renowned sci-fi/fantasy author Fritz Leiber.

Director Biography - William Darmon, Christopher Ernst

Bill Darmon is a screenwriter, producer and director based out of Boston, Massachusetts. He studied American independent cinema and screenwriting under Ray Carney at Boston University and has since worked as a producer and filmmaker for a wide range of brands, start-ups and tech firms. Chris Ernst is an experimental filmmaker based out of Baltimore, Maryland. He completed his MFA in Media Study studying with Tony Conrad at SUNY Buffalo and has since worked as a producer and director for MTV as well as a cinematographer for feature films such as the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival selection BURIED LAND, and the hybrid docu-drama AUDITION.

In 2015, Ernst and Darmon co-founded the independent micro-studio BRIGHT RECTANGLE FILMS, a moving image production collective dedicated to independent cinema, DIY filmmaking practices, visionary imagery and the art of filmmaking. Their experimental adaptation of Robert W. Chamber’s “The King in Yellow,” entitled CORPSE, premiered at the 23rd annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and Anthology Film Archives in New York in 2018, as well as winning a Spotlight Horror Film Award.

THE HILL AND THE HOLE is their first feature film.

Director Statement

THE HILL AND THE HOLE is an atmospheric ghost story set in the American southwest, a feature adaptation of Fritz Leiber’s 1942 short story of the same name. Blending stylistic elements of slow cinema, art-house, genre horror and cult movies into a unique mis-en-scene, the film uses the epic landscape of the high desert as a backdrop, shot in the vintage 2.66:1 CINERAMA aspect. The story follows in the spirit of Leiber's original narrative, but also broadens its scope by integrating other elements from the genre of “weird” fiction. Inspired by the early films of directors like John Carpenter, David Lynch and Jim Jarmusch, the film is intended to be raw, nostalgic and sometimes campy, but not to fall into simply being a series of rehashed stylistic tropes.

  • William DarmonDirector
  • Christopher Ernst DirectorCorpse
  • William Darmon WriterCorpse
  • William Darmon ProducerCorpse
  • Christopher Ernst Producer
  • Ryan Darmon Producer
  • Stacie Gentzler Producer
  • Laura Hostage Producer
  • Eric Hostage Producer
  • Liam Kelly Key Cast“Tom Digby”
  • Adam Gorightly Key Cast“Roger Person”
  • Kristen Brody Key Cast“Layne Mead”
  • Brandt Adams Key Cast“Gabriel”
  • Matthew O'Donnell Key Cast“Michael”
  • Ricardo Burgos  Key Cast“Joel”
  • Chris Dunlop Key Cast“Ben Shelley”
  • Xochi Harrop Key Cast“Little Girl”
  • William McLane Key Cast“Zeke”
  • Loren Coleman Key Cast“Museum Director”
  • Tim Binnall Key Cast“Tiny”
  • William Darmon ComposerCorpse 

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Oct 25, 2017 at 9:00pm - 10:30pm PDT

New People, 1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA

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