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Director: Jason Axinn Animation, Horror 91 minute runtime
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Dec 15, 2019, 9:00 PM
9:00 PM, NEW PEOPLE CINEMA 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

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After emerging as the sole survivor in a deadly revenge game set up by her father to punish his children, Miriam receives an offer from a supernatural entity to go back in time and try again. Now, Miriam must survive both her father's blood lust and the Gamemaster's ever-changing rules to save her siblings as she relives the worst night of her life.

Below review was written by Jason Axinn. See full review here--> review

‘To Your Last Death’ Review: Dir. Jason Axinn [Frightfest 2019]

To Your Last Death is one of the more distinctive films screening at this year’s Frightfest, for two reasons. Firstly, it’s the only animation screening at the festival. Secondly, it features one of the starriest casts with Ray Wise, Bill Moseley, Morena Baccarin and none other than William Shatner lending their vocals to the piece. It’s an impressive range of people considering the film is a small indie feature.

The film itself is a tale of greed, mistrust, and murder within the Dekalb family, all narrated by the velvet vocal chords of Shatner. Cyrus Dekalb is a titan of industry who has become estranged from his family. Knowing he needs to announce a successor, he summons his four children to his multi-story complex. That’s not all Cyrus has planned, however, as he sets a murderous plan into action. One of his children, Miriam (Dani Lenon) escapes and encounters a strange woman (Morena Baccarin) who offers to send Miriam back in time to try and change the outcome. Can Miriam convince her estranged siblings of their father’s nefarious plans, or will history repeat itself?

Don’t let the film being an animation fool you, there is plenty of gore on display. The ‘traps’ that Cyrus has laid out for his offspring are just as deviously nasty as anything that John Kramer cooked up in the Saw franchise. One trap in particular that requires one character to cut themselves and bleed a certain amount of blood, is almost straight out of the Kramer playbook.

Now, I’m not the most versed in the world of animation, anime, manga, etc., but to my layman’s eye, the film looks gorgeous. The style is unlike anything I have personally seen, and whilst a little jarring initially, you soon get used to it. It’s difficult to describe, but it looks almost like the characters are pieces of cardboard being animated in front of a flat background. To Your Last Death has two distinct colour palettes that indicate which location the action is happening in. The main story with Miriam and her siblings is full of vibrant colours with an emphasis on blues, reds, and greens. Then there’s a side story (which we won’t go into details about) that is stark black and white.

Despite the lush animation and entertaining traps, the plot itself isn’t that inspired. Some elements like the do-ove are fresh, but the bulk of the story is your typical run, hide, fight-back. There’s also a lot of repetition as Miriam works her way through each sibling, trying to save them and either being successful or not. In any film this can become tiresome, but given the film is animated, it makes it all the more easy to get distracted by all the pretty colours.

Whilst a stand alone film, Baccarin’s character easily opens up possibilities for more To Your Last Death movies. Don’t be getting up to leave when the credits start, not only is it disrespectful to those that made the film, you’ll also miss the mid and post credit sequences that reinforce this idea.

A stunningly executed animation that, whilst let down a little by an overly familiar plot, still offers plenty to enjoy.

To Your Last Death was reviewed at Arrow Video Frightfest 2019.

Directed by 

Jason Axinn

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  

Jim CirileTanya C. Klein


Morena Baccarin...Gamemaster (voice)Bill Moseley...Pavel (voice)William Shatner...The Overseer (voice)Ray Wise...Cyrus DeKalb (voice)Damien C. Haas...Ethan DeKalb (voice)Dani Lennon...Miriam DeKalb (voice)Mark Whitten...Walt, Roaring 20s Gambler (voice)Benjamin Siemon...Collin DeKalb (voice)Florence Hartigan...Kelsy DeKalb (voice)Jason Axinn...Additional Voices (voice)Bill Millsap...Clay, Senator Thomas Otterman (voice)Jim Cirile...Barbarian Gambler, Buzzcut Psychopath (voice)Tom Lommel...Det. Lang, Roman Gambler (voice)Paige Barnett...Victorian Gambler (voice)Steve Geiger...Jurek (voice)Tanya C. Klein...80s Gambler (voice)Ruairí Douglas...Aengus O'Callaghan (voice)Charles Wyman...Cop 3 (voice)

Produced by 

Jason Axinn...producerPaige Barnett...producerJim Cirile...executive producerBrian Confer...associate producerMem Ford...associate producerBill C. Klein...executive producerPhilip Lent...associate producerEd Murphy...associate producerCindi Rice...producerJohn Frank Rosenblum...executive producerNefertiti Thomas...associate producerLawrence Lee producer

Music by 

Rene G. Boscio

Film Editing by 

Jason Axinn

Art Department 

Brian Barredo...artistCarl Bolton...coloristLaura Cianfriglia...coloristJesse D'Angelo...color consultantKevin Dalton...character design consultantDerek Dow...coloristCarl Frank...lead artistFranz Garcia...character design consultantLuis Garcia...artistT.G. Hopkins...color concept artist (as Timothy Hopkins)Bryn Houghton...coloristAdam Huntley...artistJavier Sola Jordan...artistSlobodan Jovanovic...artist / coloristJohn Lane...concept artistCristiana Leone...artistDiego Llorente...artistAl Matra...misc. hallway artMurray Michael...misc. hallway artAnna Molokanova...artistMarcio Lucas Moraga...artistKirill Nederosol...coloristArthur Nichols...storyboard artistAleksandar Obradd...artistTobby Ong...3d concept artistClaudia Palescandolo...coloristMartin Plsko...artist / coloristDavid Lorenzo Riviero...artistLuca coloristRoberto Ruager...coloristIsaac Rubio...artistIsaac Rubio...line artist, riggerChristian Salazar...coloristVicente Saldivar...lead coloristTyler Shanklin...graphic designerMark Anthony Taduran...coloristMadison Tessera...coloristPrecia Testarossa...artistEmily Elmer Walker...coloristMarcel Zero...artist

Sound Department 

Michael mixer / sound designer / supervising sound editorAlex Gerbrandt...vo recordistMatthew Schaff...foley artist / sound editorBrian Starley...adr recordist

Visual Effects by 

Jase Lindgren...visual effectsGreg Platt...visual effectsTyler Shanklin...visual effects

Animation Department 

Derek Dow...riggerRebekah Estey...previs animatorGuillermo Fernandez...animatorTasha Howe...animatorCristiana Leone...riggerDiego Mera...animatorMarcio Lucas Moraga...riggerAleksandar Obradd...riggerIsaac Rubio...riggerVicente Saldivar...lead animatorTyler Shanklin...animatorMark Anthony Taduran...riggerPablo Telesca...animator

Music Department 

Herman Beeftink...additional musicSean consultantJoni Amelia Fuller...Musician: String PerformanceAdam Ritchie...synthesizer programmerTom Wolfe...synthesizer programmer

Other crew 

Bianca counselKelsey Goldberg...production coordinatorJeri Klein...production coordinatorSinéad Lillis...production coordinatorKrystal Montoya...assistant to the directorAnna Siri...assistant to the directorJacqueline Steiger...production coordinator


Shirak Agresta...special thanksJoy Allen...special thanksHaley Mancini...special thanksGlenn Moses...special thanksJulisa L. Wright...special thanks


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Oct 25, 2017 at 9:00pm - 10:30pm PDT

New People, 1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA

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Ted Geoghegan 2017, USA, 91 mins

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