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Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension is an online-only festival presented by the producers of Another Hole in the Head--San Francisco’s longest-running genre film festival. Not to be confused with our 17th Annual theatrical fest coming later in the year, this is an entirely new and separate event, with a separate submission portal (details coming soon). As the name suggests, this festival is dedicated to the Odd, the Eerie, and YES—the WARPED

The festival will take place September 11th - 13th, 2020. The films will be streamed to a registered audience via the Zoom platform at scheduled times (no VOD). Many of the filmmakers will join us on Zoom for their shows and participate in live post-screening Q&A sessions. These sessions will be moderated by a member of our staff, who will ask some preliminary questions, and then move on to questions submitted by the audience. 


We’re looking for films of any length which fit one or more of our categories, defined as follows:


  • Science Fiction - Narratives involving speculative elements of technology and science (this includes chemistry, biology, etc.).

  • Fantasy - Fantasy - Narratives of magic, myth, or wonder, in real or imaginary settings.

  • Action/Adventure - Narratives of quest and discovery, with elements of combat, violence and/or pursuit.

  • Horror - Frightening, shocking, or suspenseful narratives with supernatural or other fantastic elements.

  • Thriller - Frightening, shocking, or suspenseful narratives without any Fantasy or Science Fiction elements (conventional “Stalker/Slasher” films are included in this category).

  • Animation - Includes cartoons, stop-motion, CGI, etc.

  • Documentary - Non-fictional depictions of subject matter closely related to the other festival categories.

  • Art/Experimental - Narrative and non-narrative films with surreal, symbolic, or abstract elements, and/or films employing unconventional production techniques.


Our audience will use Zoom’s polling function to rate each film they view. The most highly-rated films will receive Audience Awards (one Feature and one Short Film in each category). In addition, three Staff Awards will be given: Favorite Feature, Favorite Short Film, and Best Trailer (only the trailers for our Official Selections will be considered). 

Films from any year of release are eligible for submission. Films that have been made publicly available online are also eligible for submission. However, once a film becomes an Official Selection we will expect its online availability to be suspended from the day before we announce the schedule until shortly after its screening with us has concluded. Filmmakers will be notified in advance regarding specific dates and times.

Please direct any questions to info@ahith.com.