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AHITH presents: "This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy" Sunday 6pm

Another Hole in the Head Film Festival proudly presents:

"This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy"

Followed by Q&A with director Christian Nicolson

This winner of our 2016 Staff Award is a very affectionate spoof of low budget Science Fiction on both big and small screens.

What ever happened to the good old days of Sci-Fi--when spaceships were real models, monsters were made of latex, and a curling iron painted silver could be a laser gun? Now: imagine a universe where everything is actually just like that. For three ordinary guys--Tom, Jeffrey and Gavin--that just became a reality. One minute they were watching an old B-grade movie at a convention; the next, they’ve been thrust into the film itself! Finding themselves at the helm of a rickety old spaceship, they must adapt quickly to survive and find a way home, or they'll be lost in this world forever. This action-packed comedy adventure of giant lizards, space battles, robots, and amazons has to be seen to be believed! (New Zealand, 2016, 99 minutes)

After the film, director Christian Nicolson will join us all the way from New Zealand for a live Q&A session.

Join us on Zoom!

Sunday, May 31st, 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 816 9686 8721



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