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Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension Presents an Independent Film Fest of Horror and Genre Films on Zoom

by Joseph Perry on September 13, 2020 in Film Festivals

The first-ever online film festival to be presented entirely through the Zoom app is mere days away, and it is chock-full of mouth-watering fright flicks and other genre movies! Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension will present more than 100 feature-length and short films when it runs from September 24th through the 29th. Genre film aficionados will find a gold mine of independent filmmaking efforts ready for discovery. 

Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension is the first online film festival to be presented entirely through the Zoom app. Taking place from September 24th through the 29th, 2020, it will showcase Independent films from the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Dark & Off-the-Wall Comedy, Animation, and Art/Experimental–as well as Music Videos and Documentaries with related content. 13 Features and 97 Short Films will be streamed over the six days of the fest.

Conceived at a time when conventional online festival venues are offering an isolating, Home Video-like experience, Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension seeks to keep the audience in touch with the collective, spontaneous festival spirit. There will be no VOD; each film will screen once, at its designated time. With the exception of a handful of sessions involving filmmakers outside the US, all Q&A will stream live, with the possibility of special guests dropping in without prior notice.

Produced by members of the team that has brought SF IndieFest’s Another Hole in the Head (AHITH) to San Francisco for 16 years, this new festival continues AHITH’s unconventional, DIY tradition by re-purposing the functions of the Zoom Webinar platform to serve the needs of the audience:

  • The Polling button allows the audience to rate each film immediately after viewing. The films with the highest ratings will win Audience Awards in various categories.

  • The Q&A button allows the audience to write in any questions they have about the films, which will be answered after each screening, either by the filmmakers during Live Q&A or by festival staff.

  • The optional chat-box allows the audience to share their comments and reactions with one another during the film, via text and emojis.

OPENING NIGHT, Thursday, September 24th

The fest kicks off at 5 pm with “ASSORTED FLAVORS 1,” the first in a series of eclectic short film collections. Titles include: Unagi, Lost Treasure of the Valley, MILICENT (a short-short excursion through the mind of the woman who designed The Creature from the Black Lagoon), The Foal, Skin Deep, FIG, and IN THE DEATHROOM (adapted from a Stephen King story). Live Q&A sessions with the filmmakers will follow the screening. [All titles USA.]

The first feature of the festival screens at 7 pm. Troma’s “VHS Massacre Too” is a continuation of the 2016 documentary “VHS Massacre,” exploring the rise and fall of physical media and its effect on Independent and cult films. Interviews with Joe Bob Briggs and Lloyd Kaufman (creator of “The Toxic Avenger”) are featured, among many others. Followed by live Q&A with Director Thomas Edward Seymour.

Starting at 9 pm “TROMA’s Future Filmmakers to be Reckoned With” closes out the night. This collection of 11 short films from Troma’s up-and-coming filmmakers includes the World Premiere of John Burgio’s “READY? READY!” and an Advance Screening/Rough Cut of Thom DeMicco’s “THIS NIGHT’S END,” along with “MEAT IS MURDER!” directed by James Boylan, BLOOD STAB directed by Dwane Mendez, “BE CUT OR GET STABBED: THE MAKING OF BLOOD STAB” – a Rives Elliot Joint, “MASTER EXPLODER” directed by John Burgio & Fletcher Graham, “BUCKET LOVERS, ANONYMOUS” directed by Kelly Polk, “DOLLY DEADLY 1.5” directed by Heidi Moore, “TAMMY” a Rives Elliot joint, and “WET WORKS” directed by Derek Johnson. Also included as an added bonus is Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman’s documentary “From Festival to Fascism” dealing with the Troma team’s ill-treatment at the hands of repressive festival officials during Cannes 2017. Live Q&A with selected filmmakers will follow. [All titles USA.]



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