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NEW EPISODE: "THE LOST Q&A" with Benji and Vincent Cortez on the KID GLOVE KILLER HOUR!

Benji takes a backyard vacation from the Warped Dimension this week with special guest filmmaker, Vincent Cortez of Mitchell Street Pictures in Oakland, California. Vincent is also the winner of the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival 2020--"STAFF AWARD BEST SHORT" for his dark and powerful post-apocalyptic film "THE LOST". Benji and Vincent chat it up about making post apocalyptic stories pre-COVID times and how they reflect in the present, paternal storytelling and immigrant stories that inspire filmmaking subtext in genre cinema, neighborhood productions, your friends and family being the best cast and crew, and over all love for post-apocalyptic horror movies pointing out, Benji and Vincent's love for DAWN of the DEAD 1978. Plus keeping it local with Bay Area filmmaking and how the community needs for horror and genre filmmakers.

Welcome back to the Warped Dimension and 2021!

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