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"Screamers" (1995) Free on Zoom this Saturday!

"Screamers" (Canada/USA/UK/Japan - 1995 - 108 minutes - rated R)

Saturday, January 30th, 2021 8 pm PST

Registration for this event is required. Space is limited, so please act now!

Peter Weller stars in this Science Fiction thriller, adapted by Dan O'Bannon and Miguel Tejada-Flores from a Philip K. Dick short story.

2078: on the planet Sirius 6B, war has raged for over a decade between mining conglomerate the N.E.B. and the Alliance, an organization of miners and scientists formerly employed by the corporation. Upon receiving a message that the N.E.B. is ready to negotiate a truce, an Alliance commander sets out across the barren landscape to meet with them. Along the way, he discovers that the weaponized robotic machines invented by Alliance scientists have gained sentience, learning to self-replicate and evolve. ...And that they are now hostile to humans on both sides of the conflict.

[Audience mics and cameras are non-functional during our events, to prevent disruptions. The text-based chatbox will be open to allow discussion throughout the evening.]



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