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We hope all of you are well. Here's a little bit about AHiTH 2021

Greetings Festival Supporters!

We hope all of you are well.

This year’s festival takes place December 1st - 15th, 2021 with an offering of over 25 features and 200+ short films. The majority of content will be available on-demand via the Eventive platform, plus live online screenings with audience interaction and filmmaker Q&A on the Zoom platform, plus the long-awaited theatrical screenings at New People Cinema in San Francisco's Japantown (we apologize for any inconvenience, but theater management insists on the following: limited-capacity seating, masks and proof of vaccination required, no food or drinks permitted). Theatrical admissions will be $15; Eventive on-demand shows will be $10 each; Zoom Live screenings will be $7. The full schedule along with ticket links and programming details are available at

And don’t miss our Passes!

  • All Access Pass ($160): - The 'all-you-can-eat' pass! One free admission to each of our live theater screenings @ New People Cinema* (1746 Post St. in SF) - a $240 value - PLUS One Full On-Demand Pass - AND - One Full Zoom Pass

  • Full On-Demand Pass ($125): One free screening for each of our online films @ Eventive (27 features & over 230 short films presented in collections) - a $490 value!

  • 10 Show Pass ($80): Choose 10 on-demand shows (features and/or short film collections) - a $100 value!

  • 5 Show Pass ($40): Choose 5 on-demand shows (features and/or short film collections) - a $50 value!

  • Zoom Pass ($40): Free access for one device to each of our 7 Live-Streaming Online Shows (selected films from the fest with Audience Chat + Live Q&A with the filmmakers) - a $49 value!

The majority of our titles will begin streaming on-demand via Eventive on December 1st. We will also be offering a Free evening of Coming Attractions on Zoom, with trailers, filmmaker interviews, and audience participation via the Chat and the Q&A apps. Register here:

The festival's engagement at New People Cinema (1746 Post St, in San Francisco’s Japantown) will begin at 6:30 pm on December 3rd with the presentation of a 3D feature film, "Leda" - A dreamlike re-imagining of the Greek myth, "Leda and the Swan," directed by Samuel Tressler IV. Haunted by divine visions, a young woman struggles with memories of sexual trauma and her resulting pregnancy. This surreal black & white silent film will be presented in anaglyphic 3D; special glasses will be provided. This film will also be available on Eventive in both 2D and 3D formats. Online viewers will need to provide their own anaglyphic (red/cyan) glasses.

Other theatrical highlights of the fest include:

"The Cloud" - A found footage horror anthology based on the popular live series from San Francisco's Awesome Theatre Company. Told through multiple personal video feeds, it tracks the proliferation of ReKompoZe, a sinister mobile app that infiltrates and attacks the lives of unsuspecting users. Theatrical Premiere; the filmmakers will be in attendance.

"Red Snow" - A local production directed by Sean Nichols Lynch. Over the holidays, a struggling romance novelist’s dream of meeting a real-life vampire comes true when an injured bat she takes into her isolated Tahoe cabin reveals his true nature. But trouble ensues with the arrival of a seasoned vampire hunter--and more vampires! Featuring Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior; Commando) as the vampire hunter. SF Bay Area Premiere; the filmmakers will be in attendance.

"Strictly Local 1-4" - four collections of short films by SF Bay Area filmmakers, screening at 6:30 pm on Saturday, December 4th; Sunday, December 5th; Saturday December 11th; Sunday, December 12th. Many filmmakers will attend for post-screening Q&A panels.

"Bashira" directed by Academy Award-winner Nickson Fong, whose VFX credits include The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, Godzilla And Starship Troopers. A nerdy electronic musician and a troubled fan are plunged into a hallucinogenic nightmare where they must confront an ancient Japanese entity in order to save their souls.

The Monsters Without” directed by Randal Kamradt. When a rogue monster threatens existence, only the scrappy multi-national team P.H.A.S.E. can stop him. But their newest recruit holds a stunning secret. Against impossible odds, this lonely, conflicted, and altogether human team must band together to save the world. Set and filmed in the Philippines, this action-packed adventure features terrifying and amazing creatures from Filipino Mythology. Starring Jake Macapagal (Metro Manila).

Christopher Coppola Presents A Crazy Evening of Clownhead Cowboys, Demon Fireplaces, Living Headless Chickens, and Lunar Sexpots” An evening with Christopher Coppola and four short films: Gunfight at Red Dog Corral, The Cage of Nicholas (directed by George Kuchar), Mike the Headless Chicken, and Invasion of the Lunar Sexpots (a tribute to George Kuchar). Following the films, the Carny Poet of the Coppola Clan will preside over a Live Q&A session which will include Mike Kuchar and Linda Martinez. This Theatrical Closing Night Event will not be made available online.

Online highlights include:

"The History of Metal and Horror" directed by Mike Schiff. A documentary that explores the history of heavy metal and horror, and how the two genres merged over time. Hosted by Michael Berryman, and featuring Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Kirk Hammett, John Carpenter, Tom Savini, Dave Mustaine, Jonathan Davis, Corey Taylor, and many more.

"Cats of the Bayou" directed by Roman Alexander. An experimental film infusing dark dramatic narrative material with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), an audio technique that produces a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation. Headphones are recommended to experience the full effect. Mysteries unfold in this twisted noir-ish tale of New Orleans. Screening Live on Zoom, December 2nd at 7 pm as well as on-demand.

The Unhealer” directed by Martin Guigui. A botched faith healing on a bullied teenager bestows Native American powers that deflect any attempted physical harm back on his aggressor. When his lifelong tormentors pull a prank that kills someone he loves, he uses his powers for revenge and goes on a bloody rampage to settle the score. Featuring Lance Henriksen (Aliens; Millenium) and Natasha Henstridge (Species; Species II). Screening Live on Zoom, December 7th at 7 pm as well as on-demand.

The Night Caller” directed by Chad Ferrin. A telephone psychic is pulled into a complex web of mystery when she receives a call from a serial killer. Featuring Steve Railsback (The Stuntman; Lifeforce; Helter Skelter).

Woodland Grey” directed by Adam Reider. When a man living alone in a forest saves the life of a young woman, they are forced to coexist. Chaos ensues when the woman makes a terrifying discovery in the woods behind the man's home and unleashes something truly haunting. Featuring Art Hindle (The Brood; Invasion of the Body Snatchers – 1978).

Occupants” directed by Russ Emanuel. When an award-winning filmmaker and her husband set up cameras around their home for a '30 Days of Clean Living' documentary, many of the cameras capture a parallel version of themselves--a version that ultimately unravels and threatens their very existence. Featuring Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager).

"REVISION OF THE PLANET OF THE APES & ROCKY REVISION" The latest Fan Films from Supercut genius Jorge Torres-Torres! Jorge will be in attendance to discuss the films with MC Benji Carver, and take questions from the audience. As always, the chat box will be active for the audience. The original PLANET OF THE APES franchise has been fully edited into a re-arranged-de-arranged, mind-melting 80min journey. + All ROCKY movies edited into a drunken stupor of a feature film, chronicling the modern gladiator’s rise from from rags to riches and back to rags. Screening Live on Zoom, December 15th at 7 pm. The films in this final Live show of the festival will not be made available on-demand.

Our Short Film collections include a wide variety of Animation under such titles as “Strangers With Eye Candy,” “An Animation Celebration,” and “The Bold, the Beautiful, & the Bizarre,” two editions of our “Dark Rainbow” series (Genre LGBT+), plus many others—some curated by theme/genre, while others represent the eclectic spirit that our festival is known for.

As a FREE coda to cap off the festival, MC Benji will return to Warped Dimension TV along with his cohort LAZER! Craig for a VERY Special VHS Surprise Night, co-Presented by AHITH. Witness the pre-show video tape extravaganza including classic monsters, 80s mullets, and news emergency broadcasts from the Warped Dimension. Then let your mind be melted by the main attraction: the oowwee-gooogeey remake classic from 1988, THE BLOB on VHS! That's Thursday, December 16th at 7:07 pm PST, Live on Zoom! Registration is required:

Whatever format you choose to experience Another Hole in the Head, please remember that we don’t have judges or juries, so our only awards are the Audience Awards, based on the ratings you assign to each film that you see. We don’t ask you to vote for one film above the others, or even compare one film to another; we simply need you to evaluate each film on its own merits, and give us a rating of 1 to 5 points, with 5 being the Top rating. Paper forms & pencils are given out at the theater, Eventive will prompt you to give your rating after each film (please don’t move along too quickly during the short film collections, or you’ll miss the chance), and the polling function in the Zoom client is used to collect your ratings during the Q&A in the Live shows. All of the films are important, and everyone’s opinion counts!

One last thing before we sign off: those of you who are on Facebook, please add yourself to the festival’s event page— share it with your friends. We can always use help boosting our signal!

We hope to see you soon!

George, Romany, and Eric The Team at Another Hole in the Head



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