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Another Hole in the Head Award Winners 

☆Best Film Overall☆
The Smiling Man

☆Best US Feature☆
Faux Paws

☆Best Foreign Feature☆
Nina Forever

☆Best Local Feature☆
All Through the House

☆Best US Short☆

☆Best Foreign Short☆
I Dare You

☆Best Local Short☆
Mind City Terror

☆Best Animation Film☆
Between Times

☆Best Art/Experimental Film☆
Small Garden

☆Best Comedy Film☆
My Life is a Dream

☆Best Documentary Film☆
Hail to the King

☆Best Fantasy Film☆
Reveries of a Solitary Walker

☆Best Horror Film☆
Sweet Hollow

☆Best Science Fiction Film☆

☆Best Thriller/Suspense Film☆

☆☆Staff Pick, Feature☆☆

☆☆Staff Pick, Short☆☆
The Highway Man

14th another hole in the head 2017 film festival. Sfindie sf indiefest 10/25 - 11/08 new people cinema japantown

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