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2019 Audience Awards And Staff Awards


Best Feature Film of the Fest: Senior Love Triangle

Best Short Film of the Fest: Urban Scout

Best US Feature Film: EAT BRAINS LOVE

Best US Short Film: FOOLS, GOLD

Best Foreign Feature Film: Dead Dicks

Best Foreign Short Film: Dong Kae (My Little One)

Best Local Feature Film: X

Best Local Short Film: "The Escort"

Best Student Film: Passenger

Best Action/Adventure Feature Film: She Never Died

Best Action/Adventure Short Film: The Redeemer

Best Animated Film: TO YOUR LAST DEATH

Best Art/Experimental Film: Amaterasu

Best Comedy Feature Film: Holy Trinity

Best Comedy Short Film: The Last Callback

Best Crime Feature Film: Easy Does It

Best Crime Short Film: Cut

Best Documentary Feature Film: Phantom of Winnipeg

Best Documentary Short Film: Fixing L.A.

Best Drama Feature Film: The Man With the Silver case

Best Drama Short Film: CHICKEN

Best Fan Film: Friday the 13th "REVISION"

Best Fantasy Feature Film: The Wretched

Best Fantasy Short Film: Furube

Best Horror Feature Film: THE DEAD ONES

Best Horror Short Film: Killer Date

Best Music Video: Clouds

Best Mystery/Noir Film: The Tangle

Best Science Fiction Feature Film: Giantess Attack versus Mecha Fembot

Best Science Fiction Short Film: Hacked

Best Thriller/Suspense Feature Film: Greenlight

Best Thriller/Suspense Short Film: Playtime's Over

Best Western Film: Bleeding, Kansas


Staff Awards:


Best Feature Film: Get Gone

Best Short Film: La Noria

Best Trailer: 8 (South Africa)

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