SF IndieFest’s ‘Another Hole in the Head’ Film Festival is a two week cinematic excursion into the realms of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and assorted other genres. Taking its cue from other legendary festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, and Crazy Steve’s Bootleg Basement Extravaganza, Another Hole in the Head pulls together a diverse collection of films representing all varieties and budgetary considerations. From your buddy Keith’s skateboarding footage in an enchanted forest, to Burt Reynolds in Space, to tomorrow’s cult classic destined for Lionsgate, Another Hole in the Head provides a unique vehicle for independent cinema. This year’s festival takes place December 11th - December 27th on eventive and Zoom. 

While 2020 marks the 17th anniversary of Another Hole in the Head, its heritage can be traced somewhat further back in the Bay Area’s illustrious past...


Sometime during the late 1980’s, amidst the burgeoning microchip scene which permeated the auxiliary communities of greater San Francisco, several computer engineers huddled around a coworker’s cubicle for a viewing of the 8-bit classic, Technotician 5000--a binary program that both astounded and terrified, with visions of strange, pixelated, passive-aggressive restaurant reviews, and a dystopian society of human beings wandering a landscape of lifeless monoliths, controlled all the while by tiny machines welded to their hips.


Some decades before that--in the halcyon days of experimental film and cinéma vérité--amidst a haze of thai sticks and orange sunshine, a local commune hosted a screening of Virgo’s Kaleidoscope, a film of such magnitude and import that several audience members recalled it as “A two hour transcendent microcosm of like, life... or something...” and “Wow… dig.” [Recent evidence suggests that the projector did not, in fact, contain any film.]


Even going back to the city’s incipient formation in the early 1850’s, one can trace this festival’s genesis to the first screening of a zoetrope entitled Zeke Done Jumped My Claim, a Gothic horror story presented by grizzled prospector and renowned coot Horatio Black, which led to three days of riots and whiskey drinking. And if the past 15 years of the Another Hole in the Head Film Fest is any indication, 2019 should continue this storied tradition.

With this festival, we seek broader horizons than the common interpretation of "genre film" allows. All styles of independent film are welcome to compete: whether it's a major production from a professional company, a student film, or a micro-budget labor of love, we are committed to giving each film due consideration.

We are located in a very receptive town for film, and we've built a passionate following over the years. 2019 will mark our 16th year among the most highly rated festivals in the world, and we're still growing!

San Francisco is the second largest film market in the country, and a great promotional platform for indie filmmakers who are trying to get their film out into the world. Many films that screen at our festival spark the attention of other film festivals and film brokers/buyers. In addition, the films and the festival are reviewed by some of the top players in the industry, such as Variety, The San Francisco Chronicle, Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, and Fangoria, just to name a few.

Our normal "theatrical home" when COVID is not around is New People Cinema in San Francisco's Japantown. A 143-seat underground venue located in the New People Building, the Cinema is equipped with cutting-edge HD digital projection, 35mm film projection and a THX®-certified sound system. New People Cinema hosts many local film festivals including the San Francisco International Film Festival, CAAMFest, Green Film Festival, and the Japan Film Festival of San Francisco.

Awards & Prizes
*Audience Awards:

(Genre Division) 
Top Film 
Best US Film 
Best Foreign Film 
Best Local Film 
Best Student Film 
Best Action/Adventure Film 
Best Animated Film 
Best Art/Experimental Film 
Best Comedy Film 
Best Crime Film 
Best Documentary Film 
Best Fan Film 
Best Fantasy Film 
Best Horror Film 
Best Music Video 
Best Mystery Film 
Best Noir Film 
Best Science Fiction Film 
Best Thriller/Suspense Film 
Best Western Film

(Non-Genre Division) 
Top Film 
Best US Film 
Best Foreign Film 
Best Local Film 
Best Student Film 
Best Comedy Film 
Best Documentary Film 
Best Drama Film 
Best Music Video

Staff Awards: 
Best Genre Feature 
Best Genre Short 
Best Non-Genre Feature 
Best Non-Genre Short 
Best Trailer (entries limited to films screening in the festival)

*In the event that there are fewer than three eligible films in a category, that award will be suspended during that festival. When there are a sufficient number of both features and shorts in a category, one of each will receive an award.


Audience Awards (Genre Division): 
Top Feature - [Tie] Alive; Galaxy Lords 
Top Short - The Quiet Room 
Best US Feature - The Night Sitter 
Best US Short - Unzipping 
Best Foreign Feature - Lifechanger 
Best Foreign Short - Hangover Food 
Best Local Film - Snaggletooth 
Best Student Film - Beyond Horizons 
Best Action/Adventure Film - Earthy Encounters 
Best Animated Film - Double King 
Best Art/Experimental Film - Pee Free Pool 
Best Comedy Feature - Killer Unicorn 
Best Comedy Short - Toasted 
Best Documentary - Giant Women, Micro-Budget 
Best Fantasy Film - Should You Meet a Lady in a Darkened Wood 
Best Horror Feature - Echoes of Fear 
Best Horror Short - The Hidebehind 
Best Music Video - Avicenna 
Best Science Fiction Feature - Reborn 
Best Science Fiction Short - Deep Clean 
Best Thriller/Suspense Feature - Rondo 
Best Thriller/Suspense Short - Frank's Last Job 
Audience Awards (Non-Genre Division): 
Top Feature - Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records 
Top Short - No Tricks 
Best US Film - Heather Has Four Moms 
Best Foreign Film - Piscina (Pool) 
Best Local Film - The Last Lesson 
Best Comedy - Pretty Pretty Prison 
Best Documentary - The World is Round So That Nobody Can Hide in the Corners, Part 1 - Refuge 
Best Drama - Good Morning Pakistan 
Staff Awards: 
27 West (Genre Feature) 
Faulty Father (Genre Short) 
I Love My Mum (Non-Genre Film)

“San Francisco’s original genre film festival is characterized by a scrappy, DIY aesthetic that eschews big studio content and recent trends towards elevated genre. Holehead’s programming remains curatorially committed to the genre’s graphic roots in shockploitation, visceral thrills and gleeful mayhem.” – Michael Guillen, The Evening Class

"After attending most of the genre offerings at SFindiefest, I was more than a little excited for their genre counterpart, Another Hole in the Head. The fest is in its lucky 13th year, but is still totally dedicated to celebrating little and local films. With a plethora of new, unseen, and unreleased genre films, buffed up by exciting retrospective screenings and musical events, I must say: Another Hole in the Head is awesome."
- Madeleine Koestner, FANGORIA







SF Indiefest is a year-round, 501c3 non-profit organization that has been operating since 1998. We present three annual festivals: the SF Independent Film Festival (SF Indie for short), the SF Documentary Festival (DocFest for short) and Another Hole in the Head, our genre film festival. Last year over 21,000 film and event goers attended SF Indiefest events.