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2021 Audience Awards And Staff Awards

AHITH 2021 Audience and Staff Awards!

Our deepest gratitude to all the filmmakers who participated in the festival this year. You are all winners in our estimation, and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the years to come...


These are the awards for the 18th Annual Another Hole in the Head Film Festival:


Top Feature: Safe House 1618

Top Featurette: All the Flowers That Cut Through the Earth

Top Short Film: Death and the Winemaker


Best US Feature: Human Resources

Best US Featurette: In the Pines

Best US Short Film: Reasons To Stay


Best Foreign Feature: APPS

Best Foreign Featurette: Redrum

Best Foreign Short Film: Dystopia


Best Local Feature: Red Snow

Best Local Short Film: Moving Meditation


Best Student Film: The Return


Best Action/Adventure Feature: Pakistani Chainsaw: A Love Story

Best Action/Adventure Short Film: A Darker Place


Best Animation Feature: Bashira

Best Animation Short Film: Pimento!


Best Art/Experimental Feature: Leda

Best Art/Experimental Short Film: To You My Love


Best Comedy Feature: CRABS!

Best Comedy Short Film: The Occult Son


Best Crime Film: The First Rule


Best Documentary Feature: The Brilliant Terror

Best Documentary Short Film: Wilderness Days


Best Drama Feature: Take Back the Night

Best Drama Short Film: NAIL POLISH


Best Fan Feature (Tie): Revision of the Planet of the Apes; Rocky Revision

Best Fan Short Film: A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story


Best Fantasy Feature: The Monsters Without

Best Fantasy Short Film: Incarnation


Best Horror Feature: Woodland Grey

Best Horror Short Film: Tinder Tango


Best Musical Film: The History of Metal and Horror

Best Music Video: POR LA CARRETERA


Best Mystery/Noir Feature: Cats of the Bayou (ASMR)

Best Mystery/Noir Short Film: Mimetic


Best Science Fiction Feature: The Unhealer

Best Science Fiction Short Film: Broken Wing


Best Slasher/Splatter Feature: Night Caller

Best Slasher/Splatter Short Film: ZTV Sympathy For the Devil


Best Thriller/Suspense Feature: My Cherry Pie

Best Thriller/Suspense Short Film: #NOFILTER


Best Western Film: Smoking Gun




Staff Favorite Feature: Laguna Ave

Staff Favorite Featurette: The Loyals

Staff Favorite Short Film: Visitors

Best Trailer: 777


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