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20th annual Another Hole in the Head Film Festival By Jeffrey M. Anderson | Special to the Examiner

The Another Hole in the Head film festival is like the misfit stepcousin of film festivals, perhaps one that keeps a jar of spiders on a murky windowsill or a box of shrunken heads in a dank closet.

The festival was spawned two decades ago from the SF IndieFest and is now more than ever ready to wreak some havoc.

Featuring more than 30 features and some 70 short films, this year’s festival plays in person Dec. 1-12 at the Balboa, Roxie, and 4 Star theaters; various programs will stream from Dec. 1-25.

Things begin in sinister style Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. with a screening of the silent-era film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” a masterpiece of expressionism from 1920.

The showing will be enhanced with a live performance by Sleepbomb, a group that describes itself as drone/electronic/sludge/doom metal, and which is sure to provide a most foreboding mood for the movie. Tickets for this event are $25.

Other highlights include “Evil Sublet,” screening Dec. 2, about a couple that is so excited about an apartment in New York’s East Village that they’re willing to overlook a few ghosts.

And “How to Kill Monsters,” screening Dec. 3, has a bunch of misfits and rookie cops teaming up to fight creatures from another dimension in a police station.

Set in San Francisco, Chris Steven Edgette’s “I’s,” takes place in the future as AI becomes more powerful and an immense change is about to take place. It screens Dec.3.

Heather Graham (“Twin Peaks”) stars in a western, “Place of Bones,” screening Dec. 5, and musician/composer Danny Elfman and his brother Richard Elfman give us the horror/musical/comedy “Bloody Bridget,” showing Dec.10.

The piece de resistance is “Nightmare on Elm Street Holiday Special — Live on Stage,” a show that promises to spray some blood (audiences are warned not to wear any nice clothing), while Freddy Krueger searches for the true meaning of the holidays.

This special show plays Dec. 6-9 and Dec. 13-16 at the Eclectic Box at 446 Valencia St. Tickets are $35.

The festival is also packed with short films, LGBTQ+ films, experimental works, serial killer films, and movies that feature gore, survival, evil entities, vampires, creatures, and ice mummies.



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