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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

We regret that we were unable to offer these before, but we couldn't come up with a workaround for the system until now. The "Pass" will still consist of 6 unique links (one for each day of the fest), but we have found a way to generate them without forcing our audience to pay $10 apiece when they wish to "buy in bulk." These passes will be available for purchase until 11:59 pm Pacific Time (GMT/UTC -7),  on Wednesday, September 23. Generating the links and codes is time-consuming, thank you for your patience. There are a few points to note:

  • You must have a Zoom account, and have the Zoom app installed on your device in order to use the access links. You cannot use a link to log in through more than one device at a time.

  • We will send the links & passcodes to the email on your payment info. You should not forward them to anyone else, unless you intend them as a gift. The links are unique, and if you allow someone else to use yours, they will block you out.

  • Unlike some other Zoom events, you will not be able to change your screen name at will. The name from your payment info will be used to set up your pass unless you specify otherwise when you order. If you want another name, please leave us a note on PayPal before you checkout. Your request will be honored within reason. Names which are clearly intended to cause a disruption in the chat-room, etc. will be disregarded.



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