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"8" movie screens tomorrow 12/3 7pm. This film is from South Africa and is wicked good. Don't miss

Screens tomorrow Tuesday 12/3 7pm

in South African folklore, this moody, menacing supernatural thriller follows a white family newly arrived on an inherited farm. Soon after moving in, they meet a mysterious local outcast named Lazarus, who carries with him a dark secret that will put everyone at risk. With evocative images, spine-tingling sound-design, and a terrific central performance by Tshamano Sebe, director Harold Hölscher conjures up both visceral scares and a heartbreaking narrative.

“An atmospheric and enthralling mix of traditional terror and modern genre cinema.”

-Back Seat Mafia

Tomorrow 12/3 7pm we will screen the movie "8" at the New People Cinema in San Francisco during the 16th Another Hole in the Head film festival.

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