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A 'very' Warped Dimension Halloween Interview with Jorge Torres-Torres FOR 10/29/2020 6P(pst) SHOW!!

Stopping by the Warped Dimension virtual director's chair on Zoom is Jorge Torres-Torres, the wild card, one of a kind revisionist filmmaker and cinematographer from Puerto Rico. This interview via Zoom with Jorge was recorded in the midnight hour at the parking lot of the Bear Mountain Bridge Motel---near Sleepy Hollow, New York. For what might be more of a setting to a real time murder or an attempted sequel to HOST, Jorge and Benji talk about the up coming Halloween Special in the Warped Dimension and the revisions he created in cutting together three classic horror series (Phantasm, The Evil Dead, Friday the 13th)---19 movies into 4.5 hours and 3 feature length. In the interview with Jorge, he warns Benji not to wake Grandpa from the Motel, a bicycle ride through Sleepy Hollow, film shooting locations, weird dark shadows abound, and a man about 20 minutes into the interview screams violently at someone or something, off camera. Benji figures out how Jorge can survive the night at the Bear Mountain Bridge Motel and without shoes?!

Special Thank You: Jorge Torres-Torres, Another Hole in the Head, Romany Adams, Mrs. Voorheeves and her son, Jason, Grandpa from Bear Mountain Bridge Motel and George K. Jr. A "very" Warped Dimension Halloween--LIVE! Thursday, October 29th at 6pm PST. RSVP on Zoom Webinar:

Follow Benji and more Warped Dimension adventures: #EnterTheWarpedDimension IG: @kidglovekillerhour @anotherholeinthehead Twitter: @moviehopping Thanks Benji Attachments area Preview YouTube video A "very" Warped Dimension Halloween Q&A with Jorge Torres-Torres A "very" Warped Dimension Halloween Q&A with Jorge Torres-Torres



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