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AHITH 2019 Audience and Staff Awards!

Our deepest gratitude to all the filmmakers who participated in the festival this year. You are all winners in our estimation, and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the years to come...

Audience Awards:

Best Feature Film of the Fest: Senior Love Triangle

Best Short Film of the Fest: Urban Scout

Best US Feature Film: EAT BRAINS LOVE

Best US Short Film: FOOLS, GOLD

Best Foreign Feature Film: Dead Dicks

Best Foreign Short Film: Dong Kae (My Little One)

Best Local Feature Film: X

Best Local Short Film: "The Escort"

Best Student Film: Passenger

Best Action/Adventure Feature Film: She Never Died

Best Action/Adventure Short Film: The Redeemer

Best Animated Film: TO YOUR LAST DEATH

Best Art/Experimental Film: Amaterasu

Best Comedy Feature Film: Holy Trinity

Best Comedy Short Film: The Last Callback

Best Crime Feature Film: Easy Does It

Best Crime Short Film: Cut

Best Documentary Feature Film: Phantom of Winnipeg

Best Documentary Short Film: Fixing L.A.

Best Drama Feature Film: The Man With the Silver case

Best Drama Short Film: CHICKEN

Best Fan Film: Friday the 13th "REVISION"

Best Fantasy Feature Film: The Wretched

Best Fantasy Short Film: Furube

Best Horror Feature Film: THE DEAD ONES

Best Horror Short Film: Killer Date

Best Music Video: Clouds

Best Mystery/Noir Film: The Tangle

Best Science Fiction Feature Film: Giantess Attack versus Mecha Fembot

Best Science Fiction Short Film: Hacked

Best Thriller/Suspense Feature Film: Greenlight

Best Thriller/Suspense Short Film: Playtime's Over

Best Western Film: Bleeding, Kansas

Staff Awards:

Best Feature Film: Get Gone

Best Short Film: La Noria

Best Trailer: 8 (South Africa)



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