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Another Hole In The Head 2021 Awards **UPDATE**

Updated: Jan 5, 2022


Top Feature: Safe House 1618

Top Featurette: All the Flowers That Cut Through the Earth

Top Short Film: Death and the Winemaker

Best US Feature: Human Resources

Best US Featurette: In the Pines

Best US Short Film: Reasons To Stay

Best Foreign Feature: APPS

Best Foreign Featurette: Redrum

Best Foreign Short Film: Dystopia

Best Local Feature: Red Snow

Best Local Short Film: Moving Meditation

Best Student Film: The Return

Best Action/Adventure Feature: Pakistani Chainsaw: A Love Story

Best Action/Adventure Short Film: A Darker Place

Best Animation Feature: Bashira

Best Animation Short Film: Pimento!

Best Art/Experimental Feature: Leda

Best Art/Experimental Short Film: To You My Love

Best Comedy Feature: CRABS!

Best Comedy Short Film: The Occult Son

Best Crime Film: The First Rule

Best Documentary Feature: The Brilliant Terror

Best Documentary Short Film: Wilderness Days

Best Drama Feature: Take Back the Night

Best Drama Short Film: NAIL POLISH

Best Fan Feature (Tie): Revision of the Planet of the Apes; Rocky Revision

Best Fan Short Film: A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story

Best Fantasy Feature: The Monsters Without

Best Fantasy Short Film: Incarnation

Best Horror Feature: Woodland Grey

Best Horror Short Film: Tinder Tango

Best Musical Film: The History of Metal and Horror

Best Music Video: POR LA CARRETERA

Best Mystery/Noir Feature: Cats of the Bayou (ASMR)

Best Mystery/Noir Short Film: Mimetic

Best Science Fiction Feature: The Unhealer

Best Science Fiction Short Film: Broken Wing

Best Slasher/Splatter Feature: Night Caller

Best Slasher/Splatter Short Film: ZTV Sympathy For the Devil

Best Thriller/Suspense Feature: My Cherry Pie

Best Thriller/Suspense Short Film: #NOFILTER

Best Western Film: Smoking Gun


Staff Favorite Feature: Laguna Ave

Staff Favorite Featurette: The Loyals

Staff Favorite Short Film: Visitors

Best Trailer: 777



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