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Movies screening on September 24th (DAY 1) of Mr HoleHead's Warped Dimension Film Festival.

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

About The Event

Purchase tickets for Day 1 ALL DAY PASS $10 Only $10 - Watch as much as you like! Come and go as you please, from 5 PM Pacific Time until the last show of the night closes! Use the Poll button to rate the films for our Audience Awards--the films with the most points win! Participate in Live Q&A with the filmmakers, and chat with the rest of the audience via the chat box (text only; audience mics & cameras are disabled during the show). 5:00 PM: "ASSORTED FLAVORS 1" (81 min) A diverse collection of short films, followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.  Lost Treasure of the Valley  MILICENT  The Foal  Skin Deep  FIG  Unagi  IN THE DEATHROOM  7:00 PM: "Troma's VHS Massacre Too" (USA - 2020 - 77 min) 9:00 PM: "TROMA's Future Filmmakers to be Reckoned With" (94 min) MEAT IS MURDER!  LATCHED  BLOOD STAB  BE CUT OR GET STABBED: THE MAKING OF BLOOD STAB  MASTER EXPLODER  BUCKET LOVERS, ANONYMOUS  DOLLY DEADLY 1.5  TAMMY  WET WORKS  READY? READY! (Premiere) THIS NIGHT'S END (Premiere-Rough Cut/ Advanced Screening) FROM FESTIVAL TO FASCISM directed by Lloyd Kaufman  For more information, please visit



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