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Bay Area Traffik - screens at AHiTH 12/1 10:30AM

Time & Location

Dec 01, 10:30 AM10:30 AM, NEW PEOPLE CINEMA 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

2019 - USA - 13 MINUTES

Written and Directed by Roland Dario

A girl from a small town in Ohio is convinced by her friend to move to California to pursue a modeling career, but is forced into prostitution.


Mac Guerreiro 13 Reasons Why; Training Day; Sabrina

MohamedX  (Hip Hop Artist featured in iTunes and Soundcloud)

Kirsten Spalding Substitute 101; Making It Up; The Bumbry Encounter

Nathalie Tedrick My Name Is Khan; Factory Girls; Bollywood Invasion

Lauren Black



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