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"Bride of Shadow Zombie" screens during AHiTH 2021 till December 15th 2021. Check out the trailer

Synopsis of film

Fact and fiction intertwine in this "empathy-horror" tale set deep in Cajun country with a cast entirely composed of friends that grew up together in the 90's (as seen in their home videos) and are now in their late forties. It all centers around Kim who recently had a heart attack soon after his father passed. His hometown of Crowley begins to close in on him until a light of hope suddenly shines his way when he stumbles into a long, lost friend, Dain, who had left their forsaken hometown decades earlier. Escaping his own demons, Dain immediately rekindles his brotherhood with Kim and both become eager to relive their teenage years by booking their band's 26th anniversary reunion show (during a pandemic!). As Kim struggles to contain his turbulent past and all of life's demons, a spectral storm of love and death is approaching...



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