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"Brightwood" screens Mon, Dec 5th, 9:10 PM @ Roxie Theater SF @ AHITHFF. Film review in this post.


Posted by Sean Cockwellin

Brightwood (2023) Review Dane Elcar’s new film starts from a very simple but terrifying premise: the fear of being lost.

​In BRIGHTWOOD, a couple on the verge of divorce find themselves mysteriously trapped while on a run around a pond…

Written and directed by Dane Elcar, and based on his award-winning short film THE POND (2018), BRIGHTWOOD, on paper would look to have both a very limited premise to expand upon. It’s to the credit both Dane Elcar and actors Dana Berger (as Jen) and Max Woertendyke (as Dan) that our interest remains piqued throughout.

Who would have thought that watching a squabbling married couple literally running around in circles for close to an hour-and-a-half would be both edge-of-the-seat and top-drawer entertainment? Not me, but that’s exactly what it is.

Despite their initial bickering both Jen and Dan make for engaging leads. We are drawn into their plight and are as shocked and surprised as they are by the gradual realisation as to what is going on. With reveal after reveal building to a dark and disturbing climax, there’s no point at which BRIGHTWOOD runs out of juice. It’s a low-budget triumph!




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