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GREENLIGHT screens today 12/8 5pm in San Francisco at New People Cinema 1746 Post St

Here is an update on filmmakers and actors attending Rudy Scalese (Producer) Graham Denman (Director) Patrick R Young (Writer)

Powell Robinson (Director of Photography) Danielle Bisutti (Actress)  Actress starred in 2 Insidious movies and Curse of Chucky

Chase Williamson is confirmed for Sunday and will be there :) (John Dies at the End, Beyond the Gates)

Director Jack Archer (Chase Williamson) can’t seem to catch a break in Hollywood. Ambitions of directing his first feature film are hopeless. Enter B-movie producer Bob Moseby (Chris Browning) who sees Jack for what he truly is, a talented filmmaker. He offers Jack the opportunity to direct his first feature. However, Jack’s dream job quickly descends into a nightmare...



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