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HALLOWEEN VHS KILL-A-THON! October 16th 7:07 pm PST---LIVE on Warped Dimension TV!

Welcome Another Hole in the Head and Warped Dimension Viewers to the first ever VHS KILL-A-THON!

Enter the VHS Halloween KILL-A-THON!

On OCTOBER 16th starting at 7:07pm on WDTV @warpeddimensiontv—

TICKETS are $7.07. Our favorite number!

Purchase via Paypal ZOOM Event HERE----

Hosting a LIVE! All night VHS watch of Halloween 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, & H20 aka the original “Michael Meyers Chronicles” only on ZOOM Webinar.

Come and go as you like throughout the night from dusk till dawn in the Warped Dimension.

Warped Dimension regular LAZER Craig and special guests intros

with video surprises!

Follow @warpeddimensiontv @anotherholeinthehead and @moviehoppingbenji

A special ONE-TIME ONLY marathon event of "Video VHS Store" inspired insanity! Hosted by MC Benji and VHS Craig from Warped Dimension TV---Inspired by classic after hours programming of USA UP-ALL-NIGHT, Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Theater, and Comedy Central's Midnight Snack.



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