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Hey Monster Hands Off My City

Screens at the 16th annual Another Hole in the Head film festival.

HEY MONSTER HANDS OFF MY CITY (Local film, cast and crew in attendance)

Dec 01, 5:00 PM, NEW PEOPLE CINEMA 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, 

USA Director-Michael Meehan Comedy, Crime, Horror 84 minute runtime

Hey Monster, Hands off my City is a visual vibrant and absurdly comedic film   featuring a who’s who of San Francisco Comedians. There’s a monster loose in the   city and SFPD Detectives Steele and Steele and tracking down the clues as bodies add up, but there’s more than one monster, and the other ones wear suits and are   unleashing a dangerous new drink, Crazy Cola, on the citizens. There’s a lot going on in this film, but every scene has an artistic splendor to it as well as good fun  and sometimes outrageous hilarity to it This film travels all over San Francisco and features so many places, and people, it’s almost a home movie about what the city used to be and what it is quickly losing, oh, and there’s a pretty   good monster in it too. Featuring Jonny Steele and Reggie Steele as the leads, the cast includes Michael Meehan, Dwoira Galilea , Michael Pritchard, Greg Proops, Linda Hilll, a pack of heavily armed grandmothers and our hero, a young James Schmalz, who plays the   Urban Ranger scout who befriends the monster ( played by acrobat Jorge Scott) and many many more Lots of jokes for everyone, and with no profanity, this film is still sure to delight fans of comedy and the City. Hey Monster is comedian Michael Meehan’s debut film and will give you lots to talk about after the movie is over.



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