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"Horror Express" (1972) Free screening on Zoom!

"Horror Express"

(UK/Spain - 1972 - 88 minutes)

Please join us!

Sunday, June 14th, 7 pm Pacific Time

Zoom Meeting ID: 884 8038 8283

Due to the presence of lead actors Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, this British/Spanish production is often mistaken for a Hammer Film. It is one of the very few films where the two friends weren't cast as deadly enemies (Dracula/Van Helsing, etc.). Telly Savalas plays a supporting role as the captain of a company of Cossack soldiers.

Set in 1906, the story concerns renowned British anthropologist Professor Alexander Saxton (Lee), who is returning to Europe with a crate containing the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid creature that he discovered in a cave in Manchuria. He hopes to prove that it's a missing link in human evolution. Boarding the Trans-Siberian Express bound for Moscow, he finds that Dr. Wells (Cushing), his friendly rival and Royal Geological Society colleague, is on the train as well. Before they depart Shanghai, a thief who had tampered with the crate is found dead on the platform, bleeding from his eyes, which have turned completely white. Does the mysterious creature have anything to do with it?

[Please note: the quality of the file we'll be streaming is markedly superior to the trailer we have.]



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