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"JENNIFER HELP US" Free Screening on Zoom

"JENNIFER HELP US" (2014 - USA - 85 minutes)

Saturday, June 20, 8:00 pm Pacific Time

Zoom Meeting ID: 817 0625 4007

A highlight of our 11th Annual Fest, this Independent gem was shot entirely with an iPhone 4s, on a budget of about $2500!

When it's rumored that a popular boy may be involved with a new student, a trio of mean girls seek revenge by kidnapping and holding her captive in a house at the edge of town. The house, believed by locals to be haunted, has a rich history of violence and horror. That legend--about an abandoned little girl, the disappearance of her brother, and suicide of her mother--collides in a perfect demented storm of bloodshed and mayhem.



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