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JUNE 20th 8pm AHiTH presents: indie horror film "JENNIFER HELP US"

Please join our Another Hole in the Head watch party June 20th 8pm for the super Indie-Horror film classic "Jennifer Help Us" Show is FREE and will be held on Zoom. You don't need a Zoom account, all you need to have is the Zoom app on whatever device you're going to use and then just click the meeting link and you're in our Zoom theater. There will be a live chat box during the screening for all attendees. There will also be a live Zoom video Q&A of the film maker, ask anything you want.

Thank you for the support and we will see you at the movies!


Another Hole in the Head Film Festival presents: "JENNIFER HELP US" (2014 - USA - 85 minutes) Plus Q&A with the Filmmakers! Saturday, June 20, 8:00 pm Pacific Time Zoom Meeting Link: Zoom Meeting ID: 817 0625 4007 A highlight of our 11th Annual Fest, this Independent gem was shot entirely with an iPhone 4s, on a budget of about $2500! When it's rumored that a popular boy may be involved with a new student, a trio of mean girls seek revenge by kidnapping and holding her captive in a house at the edge of town. The house, believed by locals to be haunted, has a rich history of violence and horror. That legend--about an abandoned little girl, the disappearance of her brother, and suicide of her mother--collides in a perfect demented storm of bloodshed and mayhem.

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