Live Shows and Other Info from AHITH 2020

"From surreal mind-blowers such as Sister Tempest to spine-tingling chillers like the New Zealand offering The Turn of the Screw to unsettling horror such as An Unquiet Grave, San Francisco’s Another Hole in the Head Film Festival promises to heat up December with its astounding array of more than 40 feature films and more than 250 shorts. Horror and genre film fans will delight in this cinematic smorgasbord." - Joseph Perry, Gruesome Magazine

December 11th-27th, the 17th Annual Another Hole in the Head Film Festival keeps the audience in touch with the collective, spontaneous festival spirit. In addition to the VOD content available on, many Live screenings will take place on These interactive shows are always a lot of fun; each film in an event screens at a designated time, followed by live Q&A sessions. Special surprise guests may also drop in at any time.

These events also continue AHITH’s unconventional, DIY tradition by re-purposing the functions of the Zoom Webinar platform to serve the needs of the audience: The Polling button allows the audience to rate each film immediately after viewing. The films with the highest ratings will win Audience Awards at the end of the festival (audience ratings from Zoom and Eventive will be aggregated). The Q&A button allows the audience to write in any questions they have about the films, which will be answered live after each screening, either by the filmmakers during Q&A or by festival staff. The Chat Box is open throughout these events, allowing the audience to share their comments and reactions with one another via text and emojis.

These events have limited capacity so please register early to guarantee admission. More programming information can be found here.

Coming Attractions:

Join us Tonight @ 7:07 pm for AHITH's WARPED DIMENSION TV---VHS SURPRISE NIGHT: Switchblade Sisters (1975) on VHS! plus Special Guest DJ Alfonso from Rendezvous LA. Register here: