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"Look Twice" Q&A on "The Kid Glove Killer Hour"

Stopping by the Warped Dimension virtual director's chair is William Davis (writer & producer) and Kyle Wilson (director) of the exciting and scary, "Look Twice". A short film shot in Cleveland, Ohio and on location in a real rusty old auto yard. Benji, William, and Kyle discuss the horror of sleep apnea, the shadow people, the 4th Dimension, buying several baby monitors from Home Depot, use of practical effects only, directing performers inside a creature suite, various directing style environment on set, using the shortest sleep cot ever as a key prop, and what the feature length version is coming together for "Look Twice".

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IG: @looktwicefilm

Special Thank You: William Davis, Kyle Wilson, Another Hole in the Head, Romany Adams, SF Indie Fest and George K. Jr.

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