Mike’s Review: The Brilliant Terror (2021) (Another Hole in the Head Film Festival)

★★★★ out of ★★★★★

Directed by Julie Kauffman and Paul Hunt

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To be clear, horror is the human condition. Sure there’s ghosts, robots, cannibals, witches, and Jason Voorhees, but all these finely finessed sub-genres are really just an extension of the human condition. Much ink has been poured over this subject, but rarely does a horror documentary get at this hyper-simple truism.

Horror documentaries poke around at the edges of horror fans and creators’ obsession, but rarely does it get past the first layer and result in anything but a surface wound. Director’s Julie Kauffman and Paul Hunt take what should be an obvious understanding and ply real world experiences to our collective interest in the (under)world of horror.

The Brilliant Terror doesn’t waste time with oft discussed documentary screen hogs like Jason Blum, James Wan, Rob Zombie, and Eli Roth, but instead talks with real fans and real horror creators. What becomes clear, but isn’t as obvious as it would seem, is the fact the the fan and the creator are really interchangeable pieces and parts.