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Movies screening tonight at Another Hole in the Head film festival.

1974: La posesión de Altair ---> tickets

Friday Dec 13, 7:00 PM

7:00 PM, NEW PEOPLE CINEMA 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

In 1974, a couple vanished without a trace, according to Mexican authorities. A recently discovered 8mm film has been determined to be the home movies shot by the young newlyweds. This footage is the documentation of the horrifying possession of a young woman, her husband's battle against the paranormal, and the unstoppable destruction of their lives. We have acquired the footage, and now can present to you a transfer of this 8mm footage, the rich grain and abnormalities left intact. 1974: La posesión de Altair is an unforgiving document of the most terrifying event in Mexican history, and the scariest movie you’ll see at this year’s Another Hole In The Head. 


Dec 13, 9:00 PM

9:00 PM, NEW PEOPLE CINEMA 1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

When Aaron and Genna learn that the charges against the Amazon delivery driver who ran over their son have been dropped, they decide to take justice into their own hands. But the way they see it, God is also to blame for their loss and breaking each of the 10 commandments seems like the perfect vehicle for vengeance.

Beneath the Black Veil is a Twin Peaks-esque melodrama sprinkled with Cronenberg body horror, sewn together by indie horror SFX master turned writer/director, Jason Koch (WNUF Halloween Special, Call Girl of Cthulhu, Pig Pen).



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