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“Murder Bury Win” is a sly comedic thriller that pulls the rug out from audiences a number of time.

Murder Bury Win”: After its successful world premiere a few months back at Silicon Valley’s Cinejoy, director/writer/editor Michael Lovan’s sly thriller on killer board-game shenangians keeps moving to the next level on the fest circuit. Easy to see why. Shot in Berkeley and El Cerrito, “Murder Bury Win” is an inventive comic horror homage, with essential not extraneous gore — OK, maybe just a splatter or two — that’s bolstered by smart writing and vigorous performances, notably from Mikelen Walker, a true star. He plays Chris, one of three inventors of a new board game called, you guessed it, Murder Bury Win. The trio, which includes Adam (Erich Lane) and Barrett (Henry Alexander Kelly), work at a Willits game store but can’t raise the funding needed to publish their game. That is until an encounter with a mysterious bankroller (Craig Cackowski) holed up in a cabin in the woods makes an offer that they might just want to refuse. You won’t want to miss this one.

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