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NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (1991) on VHS! LIVE! Wednesday Night 7:07 pm PST on WARPED DIMENSION TV!

WARPED DIMENSION TV is BACK and getting into a WHOLE LOTTA TROUBLE on VHS, this week in NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (1991) with Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, John Candy, Taylor Negron, and Dan Aykroyd!




This week, Warped Dimension Viewers!

Welcome to VALKENVANIA, a place somewhere between the Twilight Zone, Mad Magazine, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the New Jersey Turnpike. A place that we here at WDTV like to call our backyard and Dan Aykroyd, our favorite party neighbor with a whole maze of warped traps, tricks, and characters plus the music be one mega mix house party---where else can you get 2Tupac with Digital Underground, Ted Nugent aka Mr. Bonestripper, and Dan. Aykroyd in full gargoyle make up blasting out the blues on the keys in one setting. It's quite the party over here with Warped Dimension and Dan Aykroyd's Valkenvania get together!

What is there is to say about Nothing But Trouble, From a screenplay by Dan Aykroyd and his brother Peter---Aykroyd was one and done in the directors box after this. The 1991 mega $40 million+ comedy cum horror bomb that over shadowed more two even more mega bombs Hudson Hawk and The Bonfire of the Vanities that year. A cast full comedic greats looking bewildered and cocaine fuel, Chevy Chase, the hero of comedic supporting roles Taylor Negron, a very sexy post-Ghost, Demi Moore, and including dual roles from John Candy and Aykroyd.

Yet something happen---the studio demanded cuts, reshoots, and by the last 10 minutes you see even the cast and crew tired out. Originally sold as R-rated horror comedy musical with a more modest studio budget rumored to be at $20 million. The world of Valkenvania created by Aykroyd and his production team created an amazing horror set piece it would be the ultimate maze ride at Universal Studios Horror Nights every October.

It's time for audiences here to rewatch, rethink, rewarp their brains around this masterpiece disasterpiece. It currently holds a lower Rotten Tomatoes score than last week's TOMCATS! Yet it's 100x better than Ghostbusters 2---Yes! Here in the Warped Dimension this movie is top shelf pure crystal skull approved. If you loved Abbott & Costello Meets Frankenstein, you need to give Nothing But Trouble it's mad capped go for broke moments.

Just wait until you meet Bobo and Lil' Devil! Two characters from childhood nightmare fuel of watching on ABC Saturday Night Movie or HBO repetition.

So take a trip, WDTV viewers, grab some Hawaiian Punch for this Warped VHS ride back to Valkenvania, because "All They Wanted Was A Little Getaway. All They Got Was...Nothing But Trouble!"

Stay Warped


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