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Only Two More Days to Catch Cryptid On Demand!

Don't miss out! Your last chance to reserve an on-demand viewing of Brad Rego's Cryptid will be tomorrow night (12/9/2022) at 11:59 pm, PST! Purchase Here.

Cryptid review by Joseph Perry for

Writer/director Brad Rego’s Cryptid is a nifty creature feature that serves up The X-Files vibes with a dash of Kolchak: The Night Stalker for good measure. Former big-city journalist Max (Nicholas Baroudi) is working as a freelance reporter for a small-town newspaper in Maine, relegated to high-school sports items while hoping for a story that he hopes will give him a break back to the big time. He may have stumbled on a potential item when he comes across an animal attack victim that Sheriff Murdoch (Chopper Bernet) has bad feelings about. Max gets his photojournalist coworker and buddy Harriet (Ellen Adair) involved, and soon enough the pair are on the trail of the titular beast. Rego has crafted a fun monster movie that follows and respects the rules of classic creature features and sports an impressive monster-suit design and great-looking practical effects and makeup. The chemistry between Baroudi and Adair is super, with their characters having a “Will they or won’t they?” relationship that adds to the drama. Cryptid follows some monster movie tropes but solid direction and engaging performances keep it consistently entertaining and highly watchable.



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