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18th Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

The Another Hole in the Head Film Festival is devoted to bringing a cross section of quality independent films to the public, from the very low budget to the better-funded and more polished.

This 18th installment will be a hybrid affair, partly streamed, but with a lot of films being screened in person, at the New People Cinema in San Francisco. One of the highlights is the opening night film, “Leda,” which is billed as a tragic fairy tale based on the Greek myth “Leda and the Swan.” Of particular interest is that “Leda” is in 3-D. The 3-D medium, to this point the province of inartistic action films, deserves to be used in more serious movies.

The festival will show 30 feature films and 200 shorts. Streamed films will be shown on the Eventive platform. Full festival passes are available for $160, but tickets can be purchased individually.

— Mick LaSalle



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