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The Dark Side of the Rainbow 2.0 LIVE at the 4STAR theater San Francisco December 10th 830pm 2023

Dark Side Of The Rainbow 2.0 LIVE will be a sonic trip exploring the relationship between pop music and the defining myth of 20th Century American Cinema. We'll go beyond Floyd to soundtrack a sweet morphine addict from Kansas' journey to the end of the rainbow with her shaggy safety animal and all the characters she meets along the way, with music selected by San Francisco musician and DJ Tasho Nicolopulos aka Its Own Infinite Flower. One album from the 1970s was never enough to get you through all the Witches and Wizards and Lions and Munchkins of Technicolor Hollywood's brightest fable, so strap in, set the controls for the heart of the sun & discover the Pink Side of Dark American Wizards.

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