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The Return of Harbor Porpoises to San Francisco Bay

(2017 - USA - 10 min)


Directed by Jim Sugar

After a 65-year absence, porpoises that inhabited San Francisco Bay for millennia have now returned. The combination of pollution and other human-induced habitat changes—including World War II--caused porpoises to abandon the Bay in the early 1940’s. More recent human activities have caused the Bay to become cleaner and more productive, drawing porpoises and other marine predators back. The return of these top-level predators represents the most visible symbol of how the environment has improved in recent years. This film explores the history of the expulsion and the return of harbor porpoises to SF Bay, along with the restoration & rejuvenation of our local environment.

Director Jim Sugar is an award-winning photographer, best known for his work on National Geographic.

The Return... will screen as part of the short film collection Strictly Local 3 on Sunday, December 15th @ 10:30 am (Tickets here). These 13 local entries cover a broad spectrum of genres, including Comedy, Animation and Documentary, as well as Fantasy and Horror. There will be a moderated audience Q&A session with the filmmakers at the end of the screening. Jim Sugar will attend, along with Bill Keener, who appears in the film.



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