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The Warped Dimension Award Winners!

These are the Audience Award winners for the Spring Edition of Warped Dimension:

Top Feature The Cloud

Top Short Film Vampire Bud: The Bud of a Vampire

Best US Film Logan Lee & the Rise of the Purple Dawn

Best Foreign Film viewers:1

Best Local Film Dating in the Zombie Apocalypse

Best Student Film Remember Me In Therapy

Best Action/Adventure Feature The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson

Best Action/Adventure Short film STALAG III-C

Best Animated Film "DISINTEGRATION" Tales Of Mere Existence

Best Art/Experimental Feature The Black Market: San Francisco (ASMR)

Best Art/Experimental Short Film Fecundation

Best Crime Film The Body

Best Fan Film Death Wish Revision

Best Fantasy Film Mind the Trap - A Fantasy Madness Adventure Module

Best Horror Feature Companion

Best Horror Short Film A Darker Place

Best Music Video Geneva Jacuzzi's Casket

Best Mystery/Noir Film Tutu Grande

Best Science Fiction Film Transfert

Best Thriller/Suspense Film Se7en Green Bottles

Best Warped Comedy Feature 13 Knives

Best Warped Comedy Short Film Distinct Properties of the Indonesian Spotted Tree Frog

These are our Staff Awards:

Staff Favorite Feature The Cloud

Staff Favorite Featurette Carry Us, Luminous Traveler

Staff Favorite Short Film Pleasant Valley Drive In

Staff Favorite Trailer A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story




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