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TIMECOP (1994) on VHS! Wednesday 11/11 7:07pm (PST) on WARPED DIMENSION TV!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hello from the Warped Dimension----


MC Benji and VCR Craig bring to you a "VHS Classic" feature film each Wednesday night LIVE! in Another Hole in the Head's Warped Dimension TV! Disrupting the internet waves at 7:07pm (PST)!


Since it's our first season finale--6 episodes of VHS madness, we'd like to send it off with a special one and time travel to 1994 with TIMECOP on VHS!

TimeCop (1994)---Max Walker (Jean Claude Van Damme), an officer for a security agency that regulates time travel, must fend for his life against a shady politician who's intent on changing the past to control the future.

The JCVD sci-fi action time travel adventure that seems quite surreal and appropriate for our 2020 times.

Or as Roger Ebert quoted in 1994---

"The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the movie's logic is sound. It's not so much that the premise of the original "Terminator" has been ripped off, as that Hollywood went traveling into the past and inalterably ripped the fabric of time, and that's why we got "Timecop" with Van Damme"--Roger Ebert of Chicago Sun-Times.

The "VHS Classic" will include before the feature film reveal--movie trailers, music videos, lost TV shows, and hidden gems found by Benji & Craig from the VCR players of the internets with special guests and surprises drifting into the warped dimension.

With the help of George from the behind the Another Hole In the Head curtain and our ghost from the Warped Dimension machine, Romany!

It'll be a VHS screening party unlike any other in the inter-dimensional galaxy!

Every Wednesday night! Disrupting the internet waves at 7:07pm (PST)! Only on AHitH's Warped Dimension TV!

-Benji from the Warped Dimension



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