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Tonight 2/11 9pm ROXIE "JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY" SF Indiefest San Francisco

Special Agent DT Gagano dreams of leaving the CIA to open a pizzeria, but a global crisis has a way of getting in the way! Tasked with the mission of destroying a computer virus called "Soviet Union" he enters the system using VR but the mission turns into a trap. It all winds up being an extraordinary dystopian sci-fi satire and homage to Afrofuturism.

Miguel Llansó’s highly anticipated follow-up to the enigmatic Crumbs sees the Spanish director find his footing and voice, and trading the dreamy slow-burn of his debut for an unexpectedly goofy sci-fi-adventure-comedy in the spirit of Team America: World Police — yet built from a cornucopia of metabolized arthouse influences, and inventive cinematic techniques (such as stop-motion animation with human actors, or cardboard cut-out masks in lieu of faces!). Shot on film, and produced between Spain, Ethiopia and Estonia, this wonderfully odd film looks like nothing else out there, blending an Afro-Futurist outlook with the retro cool of the Cold War spy thriller and elements of proto-cyberpunk and Philip K. Dickian science fiction, in all their respective glory. A fetish for antiquated contraptions and a focus on the reality-warping, mind-melting potential of technology collide unexpectedly with a dash of tokusatsu, good old-fashioned psychedelics, and spiritualism, to achieve a truly unclassifiable film!

Director:Miguel LlansoFilm Category:Underground CinemaAfrican AmericanLatinoRunning Time:83 min.Country:Estonia



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