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TONIGHT! on Warped Dimension TV: "VHS Surprise Night" 7:07PM (PST)

Hello from the Warped Dimension----

MC Benji and a new friend/co-host Cathode Ray Craig bring to you a classic "VHS Surprise" feature film that will be revealed as it plays LIVE in the Warped Dimension.

The "VHS Surprise" will include before the feature film reveal--a few classic movie trailers, music videos, lost TV shows, and hidden gems found by Benji & Craig and of course other guests and surprises drifting into the warped dimension.

THIS week survival is key so Warped Dimension is going to the Mall with Benji & Craig bringing you some the wildest and weirdest VHS Mall footage, music videos, documentaries and commercials plus a surprise VHS feature that is one of Benji's all time favorite movies.

With the help of George from the behind the Another Hole In the Head curtain and our ghost from the Warped Dimension machine, Romany!

It'll be a VHS screening party unlike any other in the inter-dimensional galaxy!

Please come join us for "VHS Surprise Nights!"

Register FREE! Below:

Every Wednesday night! Disrupting the internet waves at 7:07pm (PST)! Only on AHitH's Warped Dimension TV!



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