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Live on Stage! The Twilight Zone (Special Edition) 12/14-15 2022 Only at the AHITH Festival

Live on Stage! The Twilight Zone (Special Edition)

2 DAYS ONLY. VERY LIMITED SEATING, this will sell out.

Dreams On The Rocks & Another Hole in the Head invite you join us at Stage Werx Theatre (446 Valencia St, San Francisco) to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of this special reimagining of two classic episodes: In "Eye of the Beholder," a woman wrapped in bandages awaits the results of her doctors' latest attempt to correct her facial deformities.

"Nightmare as a Child" concerns a school teacher visited by a strange young girl. Completing the "TV" experience, a selection of commercial parodies will be performed during the break. Both episodes will be performed each night of the engagement: Wednesday, December 14th, and Thursday, December 15th at 7 pm (doors 6:30). Tickets are $30. The Twilight Zone Parody Series has been an annual staple on the Bay Area stage since 2002. It was originated by producer Jim Fourniadis at the Dark Room theater and continued there until the venue was forced to close in 2016. The series was entrusted to Dreams On The Rocks in 2017, ensuring that the show would continue for years to come. Dreams On The Rocks Productions is a Bay Area-based theatre company specializing in satirical remakes of cult classics through a modern gaze. Since 2014, their shows have included adaptations of the cult classics FLASH GORDON: LIVE!, Barbarella: On Stage and in Space! and BETELGEUSE, BETELGEUSE, BETELGEUSE LIVE!

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