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Warped Dimension Film Festival Sunday June 9th 2024 11AM PST Live On ZOOM



​Taking place (All Day) Sunday JUNE 9th, 2024, 11am PST this festival is dedicated to the Odd, the Eerie, and YES—the WARPED!  The films will be streamed to a registered audience via the Zoom platform at scheduled times (no VOD).  


Audience participation is one of the key features of our festival. In addition to the Award polls and Q&A button, we offer our audience the option to interact with one another via our text-based chatbox, which is available throughout all events.

We’ll be screening Genre Indie films of varying length, including Science Fiction, Warped Comedy, Art/Experimental, and even some Documentaries and Music Videos that fit in with these themes. Many of the filmmakers will join us for their shows and participate in live post-screening Q&A sessions. These sessions will be moderated by our staff, who will ask a few preliminary questions, then move on to questions submitted by the audience via Zoom's Q&A button. During these post-screening sessions, our audience will use Zoom’s polling function to rate the film. The most highly-rated films will receive Audience Awards. In addition, four Staff Awards will be given: Favorite Feature, Favorite Featurette, Favorite Short Film, and Best Trailer (only the trailers for our Official Selections will be considered).

Please stay tuned to this page and our blog for all the Warped Dimension news!



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