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Bloody Bridget Dec 10, 6p 4Star theater SF. Richard Elfman & Anastasia Elfman in attendance

Richard Elfman and Anastasia Elfman in attendance!

Live music and burlesque pre-show by the two!

Voodoo deity transforms burlesque dancer into a "Valentine Vampire." Blood only whets her appetite--she must eat her victim's beating hearts. A bloody fun horror/comedy by director Richard Elfman, music by Danny Elfman and Ego Plum.

Richard Emfman

“Be it music, film, stage or the written page, my life’s passion is to entertain,” “But…in a manner that expresses an original and very personal vision. Of course I want my audiences to have some kick-ass fun, yet also to discover something new and different. In my long (and somewhat checkered) career, Bloody Bridget is the third film that I feel really proud of in terms of having my “Elfo Fun Stamp.” Forbidden Zone, Aliens, Clowns & Geeks and now Bloody Bridget. (And we really give the Romans blood big time on this one.)”

“I shot the film with a guerilla army of friends and fans, somehow managed killer special effects and a super musical score by Ego Plum and my brother Danny




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