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Movies screening on September 25th (DAY 2) of Mr HoleHead's Warped Dimension Film Festival.

Day 2 - Mr. HoleHead's Warped Dimension - All-Day Pass


Tickets for DAY 2

Only $10 - Watch as much as you like! Come and go as you please, from 5 PM Pacific Time until the last show of the night closes! Use the Poll button to rate the films for our Audience Awards--the films with the most points win! Participate in Live Q&A with the filmmakers, and chat with the rest of the audience via the chatbox (text only; audience mics & cameras are disabled during the show). 5:00 PM: "ASSORTED FLAVORS 2" (75 min) A diverse collection of short films, followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

Bertie Tune Forest The Walrus & The Prairie Dog On Command The Secret Pool Mikey Meatballs Lily in the Maze Out of the Blue COPPER BONE Look Twice 7:00 PM: DROIDS - A Star Wars Supercut (73 mins) Followed by Live Q&A with filmmaker Jorge Torres-Torres 9:00 PM: Stray Dogs (USA - 2020 - 84 mins) 11:00 PM: Re-Elected (USA - 2020 - 82 mins) For more information, please visit

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